In Nice, breathe in the scent of Italy

The promenade des Anglais, a place known all over the world
Originally, the famous promenade that hugs the Baie des Anges was just a footpath barely 2 meters wide. An Englishman, the Reverend Lewis Way, had it built at his own expense in 1820. It was immediately baptized by the Niçois the “path of the English”.

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It was not until 1931 that the promenade as we know it today, two causeways separated by a median planted with palm trees, was inaugurated by the Duke of Connaught, one of Queen Victoria’s sons. World famous, the “prom ‘” goes from Castle Hill to the airport, a distance of 7 kilometers. To stroll, take the part going from old Nice to the hotel Le Negresco, passing by the Albert I park and the Palais de la Méditerranée. If you want to explore the entire Promenade des Anglais, it is best to rent a bicycle or rollerblades.

Old Nice has a very special charm
Old Nice is a veritable maze of pastel-colored houses , old churches and narrow streets. All you have to do is lose yourself in its picturesque streets and relax on the terrace of one of the many cafes. One of the charms of the district is that it is still inhabited by real Niçois. Look to the sky, you will see the laundry hanging from the windows and listen, you will hear the local dialect.

In the early morning hours, don’t miss the Cours Saleya market where you can buy fresh produce and flowers every day, except Monday when it turns into a flea market. On the Rossetti square, do not miss to taste an ice cream at Fenocchio, the most famous glacier in Nice. Opposite stands the Sainte-Reparate cathedral. Built in 1699, it is characterized by its magnificent Baroque facade. Lovers of this type of architecture will not fail to go to the rue Droite to admire the Lascaris Palace, one of the most beautiful Baroque buildings in the city. Built in the 17th and 18th centuries, the palace has since been restored and turned into a museum . Although not very extensive, Old Nice deserves to

The Matisse museum, the collection of a painter in love with Nice
The Matisse museum is located on the hill of Cimiez. This residential area of ​​Nice is of great architectural interest. It houses residences dating from the Belle Époque, old palaces converted into dwellings and princely palaces of Moorish inspiration. Before visiting the museum, you can stroll through its gardens in the shade of the olive grove. Matisse adored Nice, the colors of the South inspired him and the city served as a model for many of his paintings. He and his descendants made numerous donations to the municipality and it was therefore obvious that a museum was dedicated to him.

The collection of the Matisse Museum in Nice is unique in the world in that most of its works and objects come directly from the studio of Henri Matisse. They therefore constitute an exceptional testimony. To visit the Matisse museum is to have the privilege of entering the intimacy of one of the greatest painters of the 20th century.