Parisian accommodation with swimming pool for all tastes and all prices

This year, the star vacation destination will be France, of course. But for all those who wish to maintain a little holiday feeling all year round, there is nothing like having their own swimming pool. Obviously, when you live in a city as dense and expensive as Paris, things get complicated. But the quest is not impossible, as our small selection of accommodation with swimming pool shows. For the first prices, it will be necessary to look towards the residences sharing a swimming pool. On our Figaro Immobilier site, this request for accommodation with a swimming pool returns no less than 39 responses.

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And the cheapest has no shortage of assets. This is a 25 m² studio priced at 269,000 euros, or 10,760 € / m², almost the average price in the capital. And at this price you have a pool with shower and changing room on the roof of the building. Recently, one of these exceptional apartments with a swimming pool (private this time) even sold in the Nation district (12th) at an average price per square meter rarely reached in the capital: around 6,000 euros. . It is true that the accommodation was very large (not far from 300 m²) and partially in souplex.

Swimming against the current

Still, this quest for a swimming pool in Paris reveals some nice surprises. This is particularly the case with this apartment on avenue de Saint-Mandé (12th arrondissement) with a swimming pool with counter-current swimming overlooking two terraces offering 360 ° views of the capital. The budget is obviously much larger (1.785 million euros) especially since it will undoubtedly be necessary to carry out work. Below the 2 million mark (and even a million and a half), there is also an apartment of 65 m² at 1.395 million in one of the most expensive areas of the capital: the 7th arrondissement. And, in addition to the swimming pool, the occupants of this residence have a gym and two saunas.

Then, in very luxury, the 16th arrondissement is well represented with very family accommodation and mansions. We give you an example with an impressive building with a superb landscaped garden with outdoor pool, swimming pool and sports and leisure facilities in the basement. To afford this jewel, it will still cost 26 million euros. And since the swimming pool is not reserved for contemporary housing, discover this Renaissance house in the 5th arrondissement which combines a swimming pool and 17th century vaults. A little pleasure to afford for a little over 12 million euros …