Removing a Huge Neck Bump

If you discover a pimple, you are often aware of it all day long. Just feel if that pimple is still there, pick it up every now and then and if you have the time, squeeze your pimples one by one. Nothing is more tempting than touching your pimples, but that is unwise. Because by touching your pimples, you spread bacteria and you often just cause more pimples. Plus, all that picking can result in unsightly scars.

The oily skin with pimples and black blackheads can sometimes look unappetizing to others. People wrongly think that you are a pervert or that you do not wash your face properly. However, acne is not caused by the accumulation of dead skin cells or dirty dust particles from the outside. Pimples and blackheads are caused by a blockage of dried sebum in the skin. Hormones are usually responsible for the development of acne during puberty.

If you have acne, it is therefore good to clean the skin daily with a cleanser. With this you can loosen the pores so that the blockages disappear and the skin feels smoother again. Most products contain a horn-dissolving agent such as salicylic acid. If in doubt, ask for a consultation with your dermatologist or skin therapist or beautician.